In recent years, I have dedicated my passion for chocolate and patisserie to the teaching profession at a local Technology College, where I am able to share my knowledge and expertise.

Today, I am able to offer a number of courses and master classes at the Cake Indulgence kitchen in Farnborough. I love to share my knowledge and expertise, so that others may discover their own enthusiasm for patisserie, chocolate modelling and cake decoration.

At Cake Indulgence, I regularly train chefs and everyone else who has a passion for the sweeter things in life and for a special gift ask for one of our workshop gift vouchers.

Chocolate Pastillage

2 days, 3 hours per day
£200 per person

On this comprehensive course, learn how to make, design and cut pastillage


Chocolate & Truffles

5 hours
£250 per person

Learn how to produce high class chocolate and truffles on this comprehensive course.


Patisserie Course

6 hours
£250 per person

This comprehensive course gives you the opportunity to learn pastries, cakes, desserts and petit fours.