Brownie Recipe

Chocolate Toffee Brownies
115g Dark Chocolate
80g Butter
1 Egg
1 Teaspoon Vanilla Essence
80g Dark Soft Sugar
30g Plain Flour
Pinch of Baking Powder
50g Toasted Flaked Almonds (optional)  

  1. Toast almonds
  2. Melt chocolate and butter over a water basin.
  3. Whisk together sugar, eggs, vanilla until thick and foamy.
  4. Stir melted chocolate butter into the sugar mix.
  5. Fold in sieved flour and baking powder.
  6. Lastly fold in toasted almonds
  7. Pour into a grease proof layered tin (4-inch square)
  8. Bake at 160 C for about 15 min, reduce heat to 140C and bake for a further 10-15 min.
  9. Chill in the tin, remove from the tin once the brownie is cold and turn over.
  10. Glaze with dark chocolate ganach and once the ganach has set cut into small pieces.

Chocolate Ganach
80 ml double cream
80g of dark of chocolate

  1. Chop chocolate into small pieces
  2. Boil cream and poor over the chocolate
  3. Let stand for about one minute and gently combine with a whisk
  4. Pour over the chilled chocolate brownie.