Patisserie Courses

Patisserie Course

All courses are carefully designed so that they demonstrate a number of skills sets and ingredients.

Option 1 £ 250 per person 6 hours
Chose one module

Option 2 £ 250 per person 6 hours
Pick a total of three different items from module 1, 2 and 3 and two items from module 4.

Option 3 Taster Option £ 95 per person 2 hours
Pick one item from module 1 or 2

Module 1
All about Pastry
A. Choux Pastry (Profiteroles Craquelins & Chocolate Eclairs Crème Cremeux )
B. Strudel Pastry (Apple Strudel & Sauce Anglaise)
C. Short Crust Pastry ( Enriched Short Crust Pastry for Savoury Tarts)
D. Sweet Pastry ( Lemon Tart, Tarte Bourdeloue)

Module 2
All about Cakes
A. Gateau Opera ( two tone sponge layered chocolate cake with decoration)
B. Gateau Le Fraisier ( patterend almond sponge with vanilla cream, strawberries, marzipan)
C. Dobos Torte (multi layered cake with continental chocolate butter cream and decorations)
D. Sacher Tort ( Austrian rich chocolate cakes laced in brandy and apricot jam)

Module 3
All about Desserts
A. Double Chocolate Truffle Torte
B. Apple Charlotte with Sauce Anglaise
C. Gelatine set Cheese Cake
D. Russian baked Cheese Cake
E. Chocolate Mousse with liquid centre
F. Walnut Doughnuts with chocolate sauce

Module 4
All about biscuits and Petit Fours
A. Florentine
B. Chocolate fudge
C. Dutch Biscuits
D. Cats’ Tongue
E. Piped Sable
F. Amaretti Biscuits
G. Sponge Finger Biscuits
H. Tuiles